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A Husband and Wife Wedding Videography Team

Center: Kimberly and Kyle of GBVideo, with their son, Tanner.

about us

We love capturing love. Simply put. And capturing such beautiful love with the one you love? Priceless.

We never set out to become wedding videographers, it kind of just “happened.” In fact, when we were planning our nuptials, I could have cared less about having a film of our day. I know… crazy, right? I mean… WHAT WAS I THINKING.

Thankfully, my dear fiancé anticipated my wants/needs before I even knew what they were, and hired a videographer for our day. See that guy up there? That’s Kyle, and he’s pretty darn awesome.😉

I still remember the first time I saw our film. It was nothing short of incredible. It took me right back to our wedding day in an instant. The sights, the sounds, the music, the people… I would have even told you I could SMELL the day. It was that immersive of an experience.

Long story, short: Filmed cousin’s wedding for fun. Posted it online. Shared. BOOM. Wedding inquiry.

Someone wanted to hire us. A real, live, couple wanted US to capture their day. We were thrilled, honored… cue me dancing around our living room. I was pumped.

Even at that moment, we weren’t thinking “hey let’s start a business!”. It has slowly grown into this thing we absolutely adore to do. We LOVE hearing stories, capturing them, showcasing the personalities and quirks of our couples, and most of all, creating fun and engaging films our couples will treasure for the rest of their lives.

I mean, how cool would it be to watch a film of your parents, or even your grandparents, getting hitched? How about hearing them tell their love story firsthand? Folks. That’s where it’s at.

So, if you are looking for a fun wedding film that tells the story of who you are as a couple, AND you want to hang out with us for 8-10 hours on a Saturday (and maybe see me cry a few times). 😉 Then click over to our contact page and say hey! Because, we’d love to meet you!

💕 Kimberly (+ Kyle)

Fun Facts:

  • We're high school sweethearts. But Kyle will say it all started back in 3rd grade, when we first met.
  • We're Sony a7s users (former Nikon enthusiasts), but still have mad love for our Canon-toting friends. Even though Sony is better - JUST SAYING.
  • When we're not shooting weddings, we love chasing our two crazy kids around. My name isn't "Mother of Dragons" in Kyle's phone for no reason.
  • We absolutely love capturing weddings - each wedding is like a date night for us! No, for reals. Sometimes we'll even sneak in a slow dance together. I love it.
  • Kyle can talk (really fast) about camera and computer stuff for hours on end—despite the "audience's" interest in the subject. So, beware if you come up to him at a wedding and ask him about his gear!
  • Kyle has a BA in Digital Media from UCF, and is a programmer by day. I have a Masters in Architecture from UF, and I get to edit love stories all day. Best Job Ever. You jeals, I know.
  • Those beautiful photos of us and our kids above are by Ingrid of Molliner Photography. She's the bomb. We also went to Architecture school together and didn't know it till we met at a wedding recently. Life is funny like that.

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