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Why MUST we book GBVideo for our wedding?


Frequently Asked Questions

***STAY TUNED for UPDATES to the FAQs page to reflect our new packages!***

Why should we consider GBVideo for our wedding?
We love capturing love. Simply put. You’ll often see us smiling from ear-to-ear behind our cameras. We don’t do this for the money (although it's super nice having a little extra $ here-and-there), we do it because we love being there to capture and preserve a couple’s day in a beautiful way. As a former bride and groom, we understand how quickly your wedding day flies by. You spend months and months planning this big event and it’s over before you know it. It’s our job, as videographers, to capture every moment and remind you of how beautiful and amazing your day truly was.
How do you interact with us during our wedding day? Will you direct us to do certain things while filming?
We like to capture a wedding as it unfolds - unscripted... real. We may ask you throughout the day how your feeling, what your doing, how you met your future wife/husband etc. to tell your story. But, for the most part we try to stay as low-key as possible.
Will you attend our rehearsal?
Nope, don't need to! We've done a few weddings in our day and our comfortable with anything that might happen on your wedding day! If you really want us there, we can figure somethign out, though!
Do you shoot in HD?
Uh, duh! SD is so 90's. We shoot in full 1080p.
Do you offer Blu-ray discs?

Yes! You can get Blu-ray or DVDs for any package as an add on (most couples are happy with streaming their videos from Vimeo). Just remember, DVDs aren't HD and since we shoot in HD, you're not going to get the full quality without a Blu-ray player!

Do you require a minimum number of hours to book?
Yes. Depending on your event, we can put together a package that will suit your needs and wants. For weddings, our packages start out at 8 hours.
When will we see our highlight reel?
When we leave your wedding, we are brimming with excitement over your footage. We often rush home and stay up into the wee hours of the morning going over every shot from your wedding - sharing ideas and brainstorming for your video. It usually takes us about 4-6 months to finish a highlight reel (depending on our editing schedule). We pride ourselves on being perfectionists, if Kimberly (our highlight reel editor) doesn’t shed a tear watching your highlight reel, then it goes into re-edits until it’s perfect.
How long are highlight reels?
Highlight reels range from 3.5-6 minutes in length.
How long are the ceremony and reception edits?
Ceremony edits are usually around 15-20+ minutes, depending on the length of your ceremony and how much pre-ceremony footage we captured. Reception edits can range from 20-50 minutes, depending on how many wedding activities you have at your reception and the length of them.
So, for Package 3, what kind of footage will be included?

So much amazing footage, you won’t even believe it. :)

You’ll have your highlight reel, ceremony video and reception video, along with any other additional videos you’ve purchased (including guest well wishes). Sometimes we capture an especially touching first look, or we spend several hours with our couple prior to their ceremony. When this occurs we usually make them into separate videos. All videos will be streamed on a private Vimeo URL but blu-ray, DVD, or thumb drives are available as add-ons if you'd like those.

When do get to see our wedding video?
Your contract should say, but, as a general rule of thumb, between 3 and 6 months for Highlight Reels (Package 1 and 3) or Feature Films (Package 2) and 3-9 months for full edits (Package 3).
Why do I have to wait 3-9 months for the final delivery of my full edits in Package 3?

We put a tremendous amount of effort into our work and take great pride in making them perfect (or at least as close as possible to it). We could just throw the clips together and give them to you... but that's not why you booked us!

Here's a quick, albeit somewhat incomplete, list of the steps we have to take for each video clip on your Blu-rays/DVDs:

  • Media Import
  • Media Transcoding
  • Tagging and organizing footage from multiple cameras
  • Planning
  • Cutting/Editing
  • Syncing multiple (at least 3) sources of audio
  • Review & Corrections
  • Color Grading & Stylizing (as seen in the video below)
  • Export for DVD/Blu-ray and digital HD files
  • Testing
  • Interactive DVD/Blu-ray menu design & creation
  • DVD/Blu-ray label creation and application (for DVDs and cases)
  • DVD/Blu-ray Burning/Testing
  • Packaging & Shipping

Oh, and we usually have more than 1 wedding in our queue at a time. And this isn't Kyle's full-time job. And we're crazy.

How long is the finished product?
For Package 3, the finished product can range from 30-70+ minutes long. As mentioned previously, it all depends on how long we’re booked for and the amount of events/moments we capture (first looks, portraits, getting ready, religious weddings, speeches, etc).
If we were interested, could we receive our raw footage?

Yes, raw footage is available as a separate contract. We’re often asked what exactly “raw footage” is. Basically, raw footage is all the completely untouched individual video and audio clips straight from our cameras and audio equipment. We usually give this to clients on a high-capacity thumb drive (or, in extreme cases, a hard drive) as the files for your wedding are often upwards of 60 GB+.

But, we believe we do such an awesome job editing that you should let us do all the hard stuff and let you just enjoy your final, finished video in all it’s awesome-ness. ;)

How far can you travel?
Well, we'll go pretty much anywhere if the price is right (Hawaii, anyone? Please?). We tend to stay in North and Central Florida, but are willing to travel farther. We do charge travel fees for weddings being held more than 1 hour's drive from Gainesville. Our fees are very very reasonable and do not incur until after that free hour of driving. Go to our "packages" page to calculate your approximate travel cost. This charge is to cover gas, mileage, and our time spent traveling.
How much do we need to put down to reserve our wedding date when we sign our contract?
We ask that you put down 20% towards your package to reserve your wedding date with us.
What is the booking process?
After filling out our handy dandy contact form, we’ll e-mail you back and get the ball rolling. We’ll usually try and schedule a phone or Facetime/Google Hangout/Skype meeting so you can get to know us and we can get to know you. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t book everyone who wants to book us. Since this is not our full-time job, but, rather, something we do for fun (and ‘cause we love it), we are selective on who we book. If we don’t feel like everything is jiving between us, we might suggest to you a few other videographers to contact.
Do you mic the groom?
Yes, we definitely do! We have a small lavaliere mic that we pin to the groom’s lapel (or shirt) that allows us to capture the audio from your ceremony with crystal-clear quality and also allows us to capture little snippets throughout the rest of the night (like, during the first dance). We also mic the bride! Yep, you read that right... don't worry, the way we do it, no one will ever see the mic—you'll be like a CIA operative for a day! We do this for backup and so we can clearer audio of the bride during the vows, first look, etc...
Do you have lighting equipment to accommodate a more dimly-lit event?
We are low-profile videographers, and do our best to not stand out at your event with large equipment and lighting. Our cameras and lenses allow us to capture events in less than optimal lighting situations. See our videos for examples. If you do plan to have an exceptionally under-lit reception (like, say, outside with only a few lanterns) we will be prepared with extra lighting as we generally have off-camera video lights with us in case the venue is much darker than originally anticipated.
Do you offer any special editing services?
Contact us! Let us know what you're interested in—we're always looking for new ideas and opportunities. Some projects we're looking to do in the near future are: photographer promotional videos, engagement videos, and internet commercials.
What kind of equipment do you typically bring with you on the day-of?
We carry a Sony A7S and 2 Nikon D600 DSLRS, multiple lenses, glidecam, slider, tripods, monopods, shotgun mics, lavaliere mics and 2 secondary audio recorders. For more information, check out the What's in our bags? section.
Do you bring backup equipment to the event in case of malfunction?

We have 2-3 cameras rolling at all times, and 3-5 audio sources (3 from cameras and 2 dedicated audio devices). We have several spare batteries and SD cards as well in case any of those fail.

Still have more, burning questions? We'd love to answer them! Contact us!

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